An enigma wrapped in an anomaly is how a client once described me (she meant it as a compliment and that’s how I took it). I’m a not so ordinary gal, on a mission to help others look at themselves and their lives in a new light, perhaps a brighter or more flattering light, smile, cry and laugh in good company.

In my short time on this planet, I’ve lived many lives. By age 25 I had it all figured out, career, family, location, an amazing son, friends – a real community of great humans. I’d married my best friend. We just didn’t make it as husband and wife. Our son is 22 years old as of this writing and he is a good human with parents who don’t hate each other (there’s a blog post in here somewhere).

Since having it all look so picture perfect at age 25, I’ve lost (and sometimes destroyed) it all and rebuilt it again, more than once. Rarely has it been pretty from the inside or the outside. Through my lifetimes, I have learned to bounce back, to rebuild, to reinvent, to find joy and peace in the least likely places (like the eye of the storm).

Every employer I’ve ever worked for has asked me to return, often more than once. It is an awesome compliment and I am humbled to see that so many systems I put in place years ago are still effective and in use today. Somehow, today, I find myself unemployable. I make a pretty kick-ass boss and I am a fairly lousy employee. I always want to change (improve) everything. My ability to speak up and share my thoughts and opinions is undeniable. I am strong-willed and have far too many ideas of my own (so they say) yet that is why I was hired in the first place. Basically, I’m a bit of a pain in the ass so I’ll save us all a bit of trouble and work for myself. It’s better this way and far more fun.

For years now, I have enjoyed the freedom of working remotely, on my own terms and refuse to be content in some lackluster confining environment where the scenery does not change. My wanderlust is alive and well and I get to work in any coffee shop or brewpub, on the road, in the air – wherever and whenever I choose. Yes, freedom is one of my core values, along with integrity.

Most days I wake up donning my rose-colored lenses, looking for all things shiny and bright. Then there are those days where it’s a shitstorm before I even open my eyes. I’ll write about both. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, I will help someone to find their way through the quagmire that is life with a few more laughs than they had prior to reading.

Sending love, light, and laughter your way! (if you want it)