Welcome to A Dauntless Dichotomy Learning to Bounce (not splat)!

This is the place where I unabashedly share with you the parts of life that so many of us keep private. Why would I do this, you wonder? Really, why would I want to tell the world at large all about my rise to stardom (not real stardom – fantasy – like unicorns) and my fall into destructive, manic mayhem (all too real madness)? Why would I want to open myself up to the world like this? Because, I’d rather ask, “Why not?” than wonder, “What if?” (more on that recurring theme later).

I’m here to share it all; the pain and anguish of personal, private and public failure as well as the elation, joy, and satisfaction of successfully rising once again from the ashes born of the most recent bridge burning.

This blog is my tribute to countless authors, friends, family members, inspirational speakers, and strangers. There’s no one else like you. Revel in that. Thank you for being here and thank you for reading.